Advantages Of Denim Fabric

Published on May 7, 2021
Advantages Of Denim Fabric

What are the advantages of denim fabric?

  1. Weave pattern for durability
  2. Low maintenance care
  3. Wrinkle-resistant look
  4. Effortless styling options
  5. Perfect for all seasons
  6. Eco-friendly materials
  7. Best value for money

While corporate uniform suppliers in the Philippines are often asked to supply formal office wear for companies, more and more businesses are going for a more casual approach. This is especially true in tech-related organizations, retail shops, and startups where denim jeans and plain polo shirts are the go-to uniforms. Aside from that, denim is also being used by workers in construction, welding, and other field-specific industries. To learn about the advantages of denim, read on!

Weave Pattern For Durability

One of the most popular reasons why denim is utilized is durability. Because the material is incredibly strong and long-lasting, workwear won’t have to be replaced yearly. This is the reason why it is the prime choice when it comes to clothing used for laborious jobs.

Its high thread count and twill weave pattern used in making the fabric. Even though the main material is cotton, the resulting material with the diagonal rib pattern creates sturdy clothing that can maintain its shape!

Low Maintenance Care
Low maintenance care

When it comes to laundry, washing denim is effortless! The twill weave of denim is made to hide stains. If your clothing gets dirty, spot cleaning can easily fix the problem.

Denim can also be worn up to five times, especially if it is worn in an air-conditioned indoor office.

You only need to wash it after every few wears. A lot of clothes made with this material are washing machine safe for your convenience. Additionally, denim is wrinkle-resistant — you won’t need to iron it after washing!

Wrinkle-Resistant Look

Denim is wrinkle-resistant because of the weaving process and thickness of its cotton. This is an advantage most companies look for when it comes to their office uniforms and workwear because even when it is worn several times, it still looks presentable and neat.

Thanks to its body-hugging features, it can make your staff look sleek and sophisticated. All you need to do is to have it customized based on your employees’ body size and shape.

Effortless Styling Options
Effortless styling options

Aside from its durable and low-maintenance features, denim is also fashionable. This is because it can be easily paired with other types of textiles for numerous style options. Even simple denim jeans will make your restaurant staff look put-together when paired with a white polo shirt or a light blue long-sleeve!

Denim can be used in other clothing pieces as well. For example, a pencil-cut skirt will look elegant for your female workers. Other than that, a denim jacket with an embroidered brand logo will also make any staff look edgy and fashionable! It’s available in a range of colors from the lightest gray to black.

Perfect For All Seasons

In relation to style, denim can also be worn in both hot and cold weather! This is because it is available in numerous thicknesses and designs. This makes it the most attractive option for companies in tropical countries such as the Philippines, where it doesn’t get extremely cold even during the wet season.

Eco-friendly Materials
Eco-friendly materials

At the end of its life—which is roughly around 10 years or more—denim can be recycled. A machine will grind the fabric into fibers and turn it back into cotton, so it can be combined with new fibers of the same material. After that, it can be used for brand-new denim clothing!

Because of this circular process, denim won’t end up as waste that would only add to the landfill—making it a sustainable fabric!

Best Value For Money

With all the advantages has denim over other fabrics, it is one of the best options when it comes to office uniforms and workwear! Numerous businesses in the country ask their supplier for this material because it won’t need to be replaced every few years thanks to its durability.

Aside from that, your employees would appreciate this choice too as it’s comfortable to wear daily compared to other fabrics.

Key Takeaway

The advantages of denim give you the best value for your money. Both large corporations with numerous employees or even small start-ups with only a few staff can benefit from having it for their work uniform! Depending on your style and design, it can look sleek and professional or casual and comfortable.

If you need assistance crafting your perfect denim uniform, you can contact Dels Apparel! With countless fabrics and uniform designs, they can help you mix and match this special textile with other materials depending on your needs.