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Address: 83 Felix Manalo St., Quezon City 1112 PHILIPPINES
Phone: +63.2.4486620, +63.2.4487732, +63.2.4487042
Fax: +63.2.7259157
Email: nino@delsapparel.com / info@delsapparel.com


  • For International Sales

Nino L. Namoco
Phone: Ext. 110
Email: nino@delsapparel.com


  • For Corporate and Government Sales

Marlon L. Lansangan
Phone: Ext. 102
Email: marlon@delsapparel.com


  • For Operations / Deliveries

Jeannette P. Simon
Phone: Ext. 111
Email: jeanette@delsapparel.com


  • For Customer Service

Carol T. Boral
Phone: Ext. 119
Email: carol@delsapparel.com


  • For Application and Career Opportunities

Pamela Galarse
Phone: Exit. 114
Email: pamela@delsapparel.com


  • For Accounting and Finance

Febe Cristobal
Phone: Exi. 107
Email: febe@delsapparel.com